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  1. Segregation of Waste at Source Programme

    For Segregation of waste at source, it is mandatory that each individual Household has separate dustbins for bio-degradable and non biodegradable waste, where waste has to be separated and segregated by the individual itself at source, which is also as per the Solid Waste Management Rules 2016 which has to be abided by strictly.

    In order to be able to attain segregation of waste at source and for further mobilization and to bring immense and active participation of the public, regular awareness drive amongst 7 wards is being carried out to educate public of Shillong Cantonment about the benefits of segregation of waste and to make them distinguish between bio-degradable waste and non bio-degradable waste.

  2. Awareness Programme Training Programme on Segregation of Waste in Shillong Cantonment

    In order to bring about active participation of the public and to bring awareness to the public in army area and to bring active participation of the different Communities within Cantonment , on the importance of Segregation of waste at source , several awareness programme/ Training Programme has to be organized at different places of civil area and different unit of army areas, also for better achievement of the gold of segregation of waste participation for all sections of society is of great importance which includes the SHG(Self Help Group), Women’s Organization, the informal waste collectors, The Youths Club , etc that falls within Cantonment Area.. All these sections of society play an important role in maintaining cleanliness of the environment and needs to be educated about the importance of segregation of waste at source

  3. Cleaning of Drains and Group Latrine of Cantonment Area:

    Regular cleaning of the drains and Group latrines is done in all the Shillong Cantonment areas.

  4. Repairing of drains and Group Latrines and converting the existing Group latrines into DRDO biodegradable.

    Process to convert the existing Group latrines into DRDO biodegradable is under process and implementation for the same is under progress.

  5. (Open defecation free) Ward:

    Shillong Cantonment Board has declared Shillong Cantonment Area as ODF (Open defecation free) vide CBR No. 5 dated 24.07.2017.Process to get third party verification from Quality Council of India will be initiated shortly.

  6. Sewage lines and Sewage Treatment Plant:

    Cantonment Board, Shillong has written to Government of Meghalaya the status of the implementation of its Sewage Treatment plant and whether Shillong Cantonment is part of the programme. Meeting on the same has also taken place between PD DE EC, Kolkata and Additional chief Secretary, and other stakeholders. As provision for laying of Sewer lines in Civil area pertaining to Shillong Cantonment was not kept in the original plan, the same is being examined by State Government.