organisation structure

Organisation Heirrachy
(1) Civil Area Committee

Committee consisting of the elected member of the Board, Health Officer and Executive Engineer for the administration of Civil area as notified by the Central Govt.

Miss. Urmila Devi, Vice-President of the Board is the Chairperson of the Committee.

(2) School Managing Committee

Smt. Urmila Devi

President / Vice-President Cantt. Board

Smt. Asha Lyngdoh

Secretary, Headmistress

Smt. Janaki Upadhya

Teacher's representative

Smt. Joimaya Thapa

Local representative

Mrs. Sabia Begum

Parent's / Guardian Representative

Mrs. Milantina Lyngdoh


Mrs. Monalisha Lyngdoh


Mrs. Rekha Devi


Mrs. Meenu Rai


Mrs. Soma Roy


Mr. Manish Pal


Mr. Uttam Brahmachari


(3) Sub-Committee for development project constituted by the Board

1. Miss Urmila Devi


2. Sh. Ram Kala, CWE


3. Lt. Col. G.V. Ramakrishna,E.E


4. Col. S. Mehta, SM

N. M

5. Sh. Rajbir Sharma


6. Smt. Jogmaya Thapa


7. Sh. Pradip Rana

E. M

8.. Sh. S.P. Thapa

E. M

9.. Executive Engineer, CPWD


10. Commercial Accountant


11. Legal Adviser


The committee will study the comparative analysis of Built, Operate and Transfer, Public Private Partnership and Self Finance Scheme alongwith the advantages and disadvantages of each and will put up its recommendations to the Board.