organisation structure

Organisation Heirrachy
(1) Civil Area Committee

Committee consisting of the elected member of the Board, Health Officer and Executive Engineer for the administration of Civil area as notified by the Central Govt.

Vice-President of the Board is the Chairperson of the Committee.

(2) School Managing Committee

Shri Parasmal Bothra

President / Vice-President Cantt. Board

Smt. Asha Lyngdoh

Secretary, Headmistress

Shri A S Mawlong

Joint Secretary

Smt. Janaki Upadhya

Teacher's representative

Shri Manish Paul

Parent's / Guardian Representative

Shri Amar Rai

Parent's / Guardian Representative

Shri P D Chokhani

Donor's Representative

Shri Vikash Gupta

Nominated Member

Dr M M Khan

Nominated Member

Shri Abdul Hafeez

Nominated Member

Shri Upender Ram

Nominated Member